Photo by: Emily Lambert

Rebecca Laurel Anderson is a Brooklyn-based actress, producer, and singer. Originally hailing from Rochester, NY, Rebecca has been performing on stage (and off) since she was a child. She recently completed the three-year Meisner acting conservatory at Terry Knickerbocker Studio, where she was honored to be elected class valedictorian by her peers.

Rebecca loves building relationships and bringing order to chaos, two traits that made her a natural for management. Over 16 years, she advanced through the ranks from bartender to corporate trainer and restaurant opener, traveling across the Northeast to establish new locations and train their staff. Her work ultimately took her to Brooklyn, where she opened one last restaurant and reopened the book on her lifelong love of acting.

When she's not spending time on stage or set, Rebecca has branched out into producing, co-directing, and organizing benefit performances. Her goals include continuing to combine activism with art, refining her collection of funny voices, and resisting the temptation to adopt every dog she meets.